CO2 laser cutting is able to fully meet this requirement

Market positioning laser cutting machine.After years of development, the laser device according to the different points of laser generator, the current laser cutting machine on the market is divided into three, CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG solid-state laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine in three different cutting machines with different properties, today to tell you about the CO2 laser cutting machine.

The main advantage of this machine: power, metal laser cutting machine generally between 2000-4000W, will be able to easily 25 mm full-size stainless steel cutting, as well as within 4mm aluminum, 60mm within the acrylic panels, wood panels, PVC boards, etc. and most importantly,  the cutting speed.

CO2  laser output is a continuous laser, so the cutting surface is very smooth. But on this high-quality machines, the price is certainly not the same, co2 laser cutting machine some even to a very high price.

There have two kinds. One is MT-L640 with stand floor. Another is MT-L640 without stand floor.

This two kinds laser machine feature is the same, just the machine appearance is different.

Co2 laser can equipped with one rotary device, then it could process cylinder objects.

From a market positioning, it is mainly for laser cutting and processing enterprises and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some purely external processing, but because of its laser equipment to maintain them consume big, host power consumption and other reasons, making this year to solid state laser machining cutting machine market impact is large,Laser engraver for sale  the market is now a significant decline, estimated future needs of these shortcomings can be improved further development of the laser, and ultimately a significant upgrade in the market.

CO2 laser cutting machine application and Features
In the field of industrial cutting machining process, and often require special parts evenly cut, while CO2 laser cutting is able to fully meet this requirement, which is widely used in advertising, decoration and other service industries, for a thickness of not more than three millimeters of stainless steel and thickness of not more than twenty millimeters of non-metallic materials have very good cutting effect, CO2 laser cutting machine in addition to the characteristics of high precision cutting also has a cutting speed, cut flat, narrow kerf and other advantages.

CO2 laser cutting machine simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, no exhaust co2 laser engraving machine pollution of the environment when cutting material, cutting the cost is very low, you can maximize the use of the material when cutting, do not waste materials.

CO2 laser cutting machine cutting contour complexity but also to meet a small amount of workpiece machining, mold manufacturing cost savings and cycle is very long extent.

CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal, all kinds of metal products, precision machinery, auto parts, advertising signs, gifts, lighting hardware, precision components and other industries.

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