CO2 laser cutting device adopt the newest laser work software

Fiber laser is a laser field in recent years, most focus of attention in the field of fiber laser machining has rapidly replacing traditional YAG, trends C02 lasers. It is widely believed in the power fiber lasers will be the third generation of the most advanced industrial processing lasers.

Fiber laser has many unique advantages: good beam quality; small size, light weight, maintenance-free; air cooling is simple and easy operation member; low operating costs, can be used in industrial environments; long life, high precision, speed; power high conversion efficiency, intelligent, automated, Laser engraver for sale flexible operation.

From the perspective of the development of the laser technology, fiber laser represents the development direction and trend of the laser, which has important applications in the industrial, defense and other fields. The following manufacturers to introduce the next, contrast YAG fiber laser cutting machine with CO2 laser cutting machine advantage.

Co2 laser cutting machine with low price and high quality. Like this model MT-L1212, customer could choose the laser tubes according to their own needs, such as 80W reci, 100W reci, 130W reci max. Different laser power could cut different thickness.

First, the advantages of YAG laser cutting machine comparison:
1. Cutting speed: the speed of fiber laser cutting machine YAG 4-5 times, applied with plenty of processing and production

2, the photoelectric conversion efficiency: the photoelectric conversion metal laser cutting machine efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine YAG is about 10 times

3, the use of cost: the cost of fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting less than YAG solid. Corresponding fiber lasers higher prices, so fiber laser cutting machine prices to be much higher than the YAG, but much lower than the carbon dioxide laser cutting confidential.

CO2 laser cutting machine has USB port transfer files and support offlne work. CO2 laser cuttting device adopt the newest laser work software and imported focus len, all of these makes cutting with high accuracy. And optional up and down worktable, it is convenient for thick materials. Add a rotary spindle, CO2 laser cutter can work on cylinder materials.

Secondly, with the CO2 laser cutting machine metal comparative advantages:
1, excellent beam quality: smaller focused spot, cutting lines more sophisticated, higher efficiency, better processing quality;

2, high stability: The world’s top import fiber laser, stable performance, key components of life of up to 100,000 hours;

3, high cutting speed: It is the same power CO2 laser cutting machine 2 times;

4, high electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber laser cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency of about 30%, CO2 laser cutting machine is three times higher, energy saving and environmental protection;

5, low cost: machine cutting machine consumes only 20-30% co2 laser engraving machine of similar  CO2 laser;

6, super flexible light guide effect: small size, compact and easy to flexible manufacturing requirements;

7, easy operation and maintenance products: fiber optic transmission, without adjusting the optical path;

8, low maintenance costs: no working gas lasers; optical fiber transmission, without reflective lenses; can save a lot of maintenance costs.

In the development of modern laser cutting equipment, since its location is not the same market, and therefore a variety of separate devices, the main principle is based on the analysis of its excited species is not the same as defined, co2 laser cutting machine which includes the intermediate CO2 laser cutting machines, optical laser cutting machine, YAG metal laser cutting machines and other equipment, but as the mainstream is three, and today we come and we introduce a simple analysis of CO2 laser cutting machine features.

CO2 laser cutting machine targeted market of small and medium power, material processing to non-metallic materials mainly to the thickness of the metal material is not strong, supplemented by the processing market won praise above businesses, cutting metal, and can process 25 mm less than the full-size stainless steel and carbon steel and other materials, in respect of non-metallic materials, such as acrylic can be cut within 60mm.

However, since the output of the CO2 laser is a continuous laser beam used for processing, at the time of cutting the cut surface can be made smooth with good results. For businesses are demanding to select words, CO2 laser cutting machine is a good choice.

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