CNC router machine work characteristics

Life needs to cherish, to use CNC engraving machine is also true.MORN wood cnc router with auto too changer function is more and more popular in the market. Its tool magazine located on the back side of the cnc machine body, then we can offer a little higher Z height. Besides, the auto focus system makes our cnc router works more easily… The big size 2040 also can be widely used for various materials with various sizes.

For people, life is just this once can not be copied, can not go back, can not be reversed precious thing, so only carries a devout shape to be able to get that great gift of life, will be worthwhile.

For CNC engraving machine, its use of the equipment is a manifestation of the value of life equipment, each CNC engraving machine is unique, their lives are often controlled by the user’s hand – and do routine maintenance work the equipment is “life” of respect, you can better play the value of their “life”.

First, the wood CNC router machine cleaning work. CNC router machine work characteristics will make the device more than produce more hybrid material after working for some time, these impurities can be timely if not cleaned, the cumulative effect to a certain extent it will work great impact on the device.

So users need in their daily work at any time to clean up, and deep cleaning work on a regular basis in accordance with the planning of production, the only way to ensure that internal and external devices are unified kept clean and tidy.

Second, the nursing work. CNC engraving machine for maintenance work, in addition to the daily cleaning, there are other important measures of care requires the user to perform. Such as lubrication of parts, etc. It should be noted that we must use the specified lubricants.

Brief responses to the sudden shutdown of CNC engraving machine
CNC engraving machine is the latest device engraving field, wood carving cnc router machine is to adapt to the development of numerical control technology and the production of a high-efficiency equipment.

Engraving machine products in use when carving, often because of various reasons, the use of a fault occurs, the operator is required at this time calmly and do the work the following aspects:

First, cut off the power. CNC engraving machine if a sudden stop on the way normal operation, the operator shall immediately cut off power to prevent equipment but does not work in an energized state, the two issues of conflict will intensify. Therefore, the operator encountered such a situation, you first need to do is connect the device circuit cut off.

Second, the record data. This part of the operation of the control system is mainly for the purposes of CNC engraving machines, the use of the device will shut down automatically when the memory operation data recorded since the data device controls the operation of the device, so you can analyze the data to master the basic condition of the equipment.

Third, the notification service. In the absence of clear-cut case of equipment problems do not trade on their own boot device or boot repair, but in the case of maintaining the status quo by professional CNC engraving machine maintenance staff, professional maintenance personnel arrived until the time when the equipment failure the situation told the maintenance staff, CNC router machine  assist maintenance personnel to complete equipment repairs.

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