CNC router machine of rough sculpture and fine carving

CNC router  machine products leave the tool, it not only various models of the tools being used, and sculpt materials is very extensive.Such as hard to metal, marble, soft to PVC, foam plate, organic glass, etc.Sculpture of different material products, be about to choose different types of cutting tools.Processing a good product, a good tool is very necessary.The parameters of the cutting tool, model, material quality, sharp degree will affect the quality and effectiveness of the sculpture.
CNC router machine tool types include flat knife, ZhuiDao, QiuDao, cow nose knife, cone QiuDao and various types of molding knife, etc.Different types of knife have the characteristics of different sculpture, the sculpture of suitable for different occasions.
Engraving generally divided into coarse and fine carving.Rough carving for rapid resection for carving material, get products of roughly the shape, carving allowance.Suitable for curved surface rough carving knife type is commonly: flat cutter, strip cutter for ZhuiDao and ox nose.Choose what kind of cutting tools should be considered the complexity of the surface and fur billet material.Flat cutter is mainly used for simpler surface processing and milling plane;ZhuiDao used for complex curved surface processing and sculpture;Cow nose knife – as for hard metal material as a result, the size of cutting tools used are generally is greater than the fine carving cutter diameter, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid resection for these materials.Coarse engraving cutter size also depends on the complexity of the carving object and sculpture material performance.Surface model is more complex, the need to use a smaller diameter cutter, otherwise, the remaining to be manufactured more, bring certain difficulty to the surface of fine carving.When carving material hardness larger, consider cutting tool, the strength, stiffness and wear-resisting degree, generally with larger diameter of the cutting tool.
The actual shape of the fine carving for the model, the quality of the product mainly depends on fine carving.Suitable for fine carving knife types are: ZhuiDao, QiuDao, taper QiuDao.Among them, the QiuDao is mainly used for surface processing is simple;Cone QiuDao used for complex curved surface machining.If the sculpture surface contains water, sometimes also used ox nose taper knife or nasal knife.The size of the fine engraving cutter mainly depends on the complexity of the surface.When the surface is simple, generally USES the larger diameter cutter, when surface is complex, generally USES the diameter smaller tool.When the sphere of QiuDao is less than 0.5 mm, considering the strength of the cutting tool itself, generally use cone QiuDao.

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