CNC plasma cutting technology iRelated technology research and development and market application of CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting technology iRelated technology research and development and market application of CNC plasma cutting machine

s a set of numerical control technology, computer software and hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in the integration of new and high technology. Development of CNC plasma cutting machine can completely change the domestic hot cutting the equipment level of the industry, reverse thermal cutting industry existing low efficiency, poor quality, labor intensity, low material utilization, environment considered the situation, to narrow the gap with foreign advanced countries. At the same time, the development of CNC plasma cutting technology will lead to related fields and disciplines has reached the international advanced level.

Flame cutting with a cutting deformation is large, can not adapt to the need of high precision cutting, and low cutting speed, cutting before preheating, take time, difficult to meet the need of unmanned operation. Plasma cutting has a wide range of cutting, but many cutting all sheet metal and nonmetal materials, high cutting speed can be up to 10 m/min, 10 times that of flame cutting. In the underwater cutting can eliminate the noise emitted by cutting, dust and harmful gas and arc, be conducive to the protection of the environment, accord with the requirement of environmental protection in the 21st century. Now with the mature of high power plasma cutting technology, cutting thickness has reached 130 mm, the water jet technology of high power cutting quality of the plasma cutting has made close to the lower limit of laser cutting (+ / – 0.2 mm). Due to the laser cutting machine is expensive, and is only suitable for sheet cutting (usually long plate punching time), and the fine plasma cutting machine cutting precision can reach the lower limit of laser cutting, cutting surface quality of approximation, but cutting cost is far lower than the laser cutting, about a third, maximum cutting thickness up to 12 mm, so fine plasma cutting machine is used to replace the expensive laser cutting machine, to help in the most economic way to use in the larger, implementation of high speed precision cutting plate. In addition, CNC plasma cutting and automatic nesting programming softwares can improve material utilization ratio by 5% ~ 10%, according to the cutting of 20 million t, the steel can be saved by 100 ~ 100 t, worth several billion dollars. In developed countries is replaced with CNC plasma cutting machine has been the development trend of flame cutting machine and laser cutting machine. Therefore, the research is of great significance to the promotion of CNC plasma cutting technology.

The 21st century Chinese CNC cutting industry faces new challenges, the international market more competitive. We should aim at the world’s advanced level, and continuously developed new products, and drive the general improvement of the technical level of the same industry in China, only in this way can eliminate cheap and shoddy products, purify the market, drive the industry manufacturers change management idea; At the same time to strengthen the scientific research development, technology innovation and quality management, make the Chinese CNC cutting industry quickly reached the world advanced level, to revitalize national industry, to improve China’s comprehensive national strength.


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