CNC plasma cutting machine power installation and fine-tuning arc Angle

CNC plasma cutting machine power installation and fine-tuning arc Angle

The power of the CNC plasma cutting machine installation on court also have corresponding requirements, in general, we recommend that users don’t too humid environment to prevent the plasma power, if when the work place is wet, and in iron, steel shelves, please install the leakage protector.

In addition, CNC plasma cutting machine power does not need special fixed installation, but should be placed in dry ventilated place. When mobile light moving light put, and away from high temperature, humidity, corrosive, poisonous and harmful gas, metal powder, etc.

Power distribution box need to training CNC plasma cutting machine, the user should have corresponding cutting machine capacity distribution box, and the automatic air switch or other switch should be installed, and ground wire to connect is firm and reliable.

At the same time, considering the power supply for high voltage electric equipment, CNC plasma cutting machine used in installation especially need to pay attention to avoid electric shock, burns and other accidents, specific should abide by the following:

1, the operation of the electrical connections, must be in closed distribution box under the condition of switch, to ensure the safety of conducted by professionals.

2, do not wet hands touch.

Ion arc cutting processing of CNC plasma cutting machine, as a result of imitation hammer characteristics of arc ion itself, determines the cutting cutting surface will there is a certain Angle of tilt, from material cutting processing, the purpose of the inclined Angle control in a certain range, is the key to insure the effect of plasma cutting machine processing, combined with years of field experience in CNC plasma cutting machine, summarizes several ion arc trimming and cutting Angle control field are suggested.

CNC plasma cutting machine is equipped with power generally according to the cutting thickness to adjust output current to form plasma arc, plasma arc cutting through the nozzle by using smaller nozzle aperture, the longer channel length and strengthen the cooling effect, this allows the nozzle in the effective section by current is added, the arc power density increased. But compression at the same time also makes the arc power loss increase, therefore, the actual used to cut the effective energy to power than output power is small, the loss rate, generally between 25% ~ 50%, some methods such as water compression plasma arc cutting energy loss will be bigger, in the cutting process parameters design or cutting the cost of the problem should be considered when economic accounting.



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