CNC plasma cutting machine operation time of secondary protection work

  For now the importance of industrial cutting CNC plasma cutting machine is increasingly prominent, the maintenance is also very important; In addition to some of the most basic daily maintenance, we should also from nc cutting machine work hours for maintenance, maintenance carried out in accordance with the operation of the length of time to verify, it can be divided into primary maintenance and secondary maintenance; CNC cutting machine operation for 600 hours, to do maintenance, general manual operation.

Adjust the tightness of cutting torch, to the normal operation of firmness, and examine the wear of the steel strip to adjust tightness.

In cleaning the cutting torch bearing, wire mother, four cylinder when add grease, clean up the cart gearbox filling grease to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Use compressed air to clear the electrical box dust, check the fastening zero up the device and limit protection device.

After CNC flame cutting machine to cut off the power supply, with dry dishcloth equipment appearance, guarantee the equipment clean without pollution. When wiping note if there is any defect in the screw nut for timely.

Check and clean gas path, change to “retire” the trachea. Change to return to firearms filter and timely, ensure that gas path unobstructed.

Level 2 maintenance is 5000 hours in CNC cutting machine, mainly on maintenance workers in addition to the do level 1 maintenance should also:

Check the actuator components, such as cutting torch bearing wear, such as the need to change handle in time.

Machine for a long time also will affect the accuracy and to correct guide rail parallelism, adjust the wheelbase symmetry and check equipment precision stepper motor.

Repair the old shield drag chain accessories like peeling paint and repair.

Check the adjustment meter, valve repair back all damaged parts.

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