CNC engraving machine run knife cutting knife phenomenon treatment

What should be clear to buy CNC engraving machine.clear understanding of their job content
Do not think you can buy a cnc engraving machine dry all live, engraving machine manufacturers put into a variety of models, is to deal with a variety of processing tasks. For example, you buy a mold-class engraving machine to carve color plates, or buy a large engraving machine to carve a seal, wood CNC router machine  which are causing huge waste, but it will not get good results. You buy the same level of advertising cnc engraving machine do die, it may simply not competent. So before you purchase, be sure to fully explain their sales staff to do the work content, including the size of the workpiece, materials.

choose their own engraving machine
Small shop signboards initial purchase, mainly to produce 3D character light board, the word crystal, color plates, badges and other purposes should buy advertising class. In general, more than 1200mm engraving machine format, suitable for carving and other fine living color plates, and is suitable for sawing word, do some major brand flat.

Format in 1200mm and below is universal and engraving machine, can be used as color plates and the like and deliberately, but also saw the word can be used for menial jobs. For cylindrical or other shaped to be co2 laser cutting machine processed workpiece, due to the need to install some fixtures or rotary axes, which requires Z-axis column high mesa to the large space between the head, so you can use a dedicated machine. If the chop shop specialized engraved seal, can be equipped with a small laser engraving machine.

machine configuration details
Various manufacturers engraving machine whose internal structure is basically similar, but out of the machine quality is different. This time it requires you to have a pair of “fire eyes widened,” look at the quality of the materials used engraving machine, the parts CNC router machine of the pros and cons of using. But most customers do not understand this, even if the scene saw the machine can not be seen, which requires the salesperson that you want to learn more about the engraving machine spindle power, the use of electrical power, the driver with homemade driver board it is the quality and stability of the drive.

CNC engraving machine run knife cutting knife phenomenon treatment

1, run a knife Solutions
ground wire is not installed, there is static, leading to run a knife, dislocation
software does not match the printer parameters and engraving machine print parameters

2, engraving hard materials often Duandao Solutions

When the engraving of hard materials to be set different co2 laser engraving machine depending on the material of the engraving parameters, the use of different tools
Select the appropriate lubricant

3, engraving machine beeps when you initiate a reset or bad is always good top limit switch solutions
top mast is less than the limit switch, you can put it more positive.
drive line contact is bad, try to drive lines can be fixed firmly.
limit switch line is not connected, you can connect the line.
limit switch bad, for it can be.

4, engraving machine engraving solutions can not be at the origin
Layout file size matches the machine;
Check whether there is an offset (OFFSET), layout settings are correct.

5, engraving machine spindle motor during operation of a sudden stop or turn slowly Solutions
operating voltage instability or overload, you can add a regulator;
Check whether the connected and the middle line, if there is sealing off the thread.

6. Set the origin sometimes engraving machine forward, right offset distance indefinite solutions
switch failure, the system returns to the origin of the system during the first limit switch is closed again bounce. Change the limit switch.
drive cable is loose, try to secure it tight.

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