CNC cutting machine performance is introduced

1, the all round steel structure welding temper aging treatment, powerful deformation. Gantry mobile, fixed functioning mesa, can be arbitrary processing materials on the surface in the table.
two, GF – 1325 engraving machine is amongst the most worthwhile a economical solution, matching homebred four.5 KW water-cooled electric spindle (optional import Italy HSD or GC Columbus motorized spindle), 5.5 KW, centrifugal pump, high adhesion vacuum adsorption device of up to 230 cubic meters/hour.
3, mesa adopts the vacuum adsorption, mesa material for electrical board, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, might be a powerful adsorption of distinctive location of non-metallic components. Vacuum adsorption mesa region is divided into six processing, may be single processing may also be processed in the similar time, has been to enhance processing efficiency.
4, Y axis adopt double motor drive, the selection of matching, to make sure the smooth movement.
5, making use of high precision gear rack transmission, speed, higher accuracy.
six, adopts imported linear guide rail, to make sure that the machine precision and may withstand heavy load.
7, processing speed, high efficiency, the idle speed of as much as 30000 mm/min, engraved on the wave plate, the higher speed of up to 20000 mm/min.

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