China machine tool performance level into the world

China machine tool performance level into the world

CNC machine tool into mature period:

CNC machine tools is the mainstream of contemporary machinery manufacturing equipment, as a popular commodity market, some high-end CNC machine tools is still as a strategic material embargo and restrictions on the international market. The development of China’s nc machine tools has experienced 30 years of ups and downs, from a growth into maturation. Some kinds of high-grade machine tool imports had a higher proportion of situation is changing.

China’s market for 1500 kinds of CNC machine tools, covering super-heavy machine tools, precision machine tool, special processing machine tools, forging equipment, cutting-edge high-tech machine tools and other fields.

China machine tool industry product performance level and supply power to the world’s highest:

(1) the vertical and horizontal machining center

In recent years, the rapid development of such products, more than 40 enterprises in China. Gm varieties have mass production of such products, the minority manufacturers such as Beijing, dalian machine tool group, producing jiang group and Beijing carved for micron grade type high precision machining center into the market.

(2) the numerical control lathe

(3) CNC gear machine tool

(4) Such products is one of China’s machine tool product strengths, into a series of six axis (coordinates) five linkage CNC gear hobbing machine, wind power industry with large teeth, tooth gear milling machine, heavy mining machinery industry to use machining diameter 12 meters milling tooth machine has been put into production use. Nc eleventh five axis linkage of cutter, automatic up-down material worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine, the diameter of 2 meters gear grinding machine, five seven axis linkage gear grinding machine, spiral bevel gear is the most recent three years into the different batch production of the world’s advanced level of the machine tool product. Especially the spiral bevel gear machine tool (milling gear and gear grinding) small and medium-sized specifications, can fully meet the automotive industry and military industry, tanks, boats needs; Large specifications, such as the diameter of 2 meters of spiral bevel gear machine of the world’s first, can be used for deep well drilling and construction, mining machinery manufacturing.



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