China CNC machine tool industry analysis

China CNC machine tool industry analysis

Due to historical reasons, China’s machine tool industry more than thousands of enterprises in the domestic industry layout of convergence, causes the amount of production, low level repeated construction, to say the problem appeared again and again, but in general the Chinese data industry prospect is good, the following will analyze the Chinese CNC machine tool industry.

At present, Europe’s procurement is very high, the ratio of each form internal regional complementary effect; Asia due to machine tool development level is not balanced, make the machine tool trade is frequent, accounted for nearly half amount; Output value and the newly industrialized countries in the americas, limited to a large number of imports.

China’s machine tool industry “big but not strong”.

As the world’s largest machine tool producer, importer and consumer, early machine belong to the state, poor production efficiency, low proportion of the exports, But in China machine tool enterprise reforming, laid off workers and the rise of a large number of “force reduction, high output” of private enterprises after the event, such as things get better. At the same time, along with the gradual learning of Japan, the United States technology design concept, the main market in high-end industry, automotive, mold, electron, etc., with the method of technical cooperation or the introduction of foreign investment to attract Japan, Taiwan enterprises, make the machine tool industry rapid development.

Industry development prospects

It is understood that the current China’s domestic auto industry accounts for 70% of the machine tool industry consumption subject, but such a huge market has been imported machine tools accounted for nearly 80%. However, it also shows China’s machine tool industry in the future market occupies a space from the side.

According to the high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment “special planning, by 2020, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to 80% will be based on the domestic; Besides has been launched major projects put forward specific goals of high-grade CNC machine tool production, high-grade CNC machine tools has been into the high-end equipment manufacturing industry “twelfth five-year” plan key project within the scope of China’s machine tool industry development space is very broad in the future.

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