Check voltage regulator in the laser cutting machine parts

In this article is to explain, how the voltage stabilizer screening in this part, first of all, the contact voltage regulator is normal, this step is not indispensable, if found abnormal should be replaced immediately contact, contact the broken should be replaced immediately and repair, don’t wait, do not use, will otherwise problems will trouble, debug the laser cutting machine transformer movement is normal, however, whether the flexible carbon brush is in good condition, keep in mind that the carbon brush is a part of the transformer can’t be ignored in the component, once broken, should be replaced immediately.

Specific importance, has introduced in laser cutting machine factory instructions, above the transformer coil is to not have traces of burns. A lot of people will doubt, interpretation of the voltage regulator, how the above said transformer device, transformer is a core component of voltage stabilizer, its basic transformer to form, the composition of its maintenance, is their own maintenance, meaning the same, meet these conditions, shall be immediately treated, unfavorable and procrastination. After long-term use, if also found a similar case, should contact with laser cutting machine manufacturers, to avoid the normal operation of the enterprise efficiency.

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