Characteristic feature laser engraving machine advertising in general have

Characteristic feature laser engraving machine advertising in general have?

Laser engraving machine advertising in general is referred to in our daily lives car TV, and it is compared to other advertising for its features is that it tends to be different, for example naked eye 3D display advertising general store with shopping malls, theaters etc., but its function is another comments. Now comes onboard laser engraving machine function, which Mody small series I come to tell you about the characteristic features onboard laser engraving machine, we take a look at it.

Its onboard laser engraving machine features functions generally include the following:

1. compatible format: MP4 (AVI: DIVX, XVID), DVD (VOB, MPG2), VCD (DAT, MPG1), MP3, JPG;

2. Play Type: Movie Movie, Music Music, Pictures Photo;

3. play modes: random play, all repeat, single repeat play, the order hobby laser engraver of play, start playing automatically.

4. Video format: PAL, NTSC, automatic;

5, audio modes: left channel, right channel, stereo;

6, commercials: Support for regular commercials, every day can desktop mini laser engraving machine be divided into four periods, each time period can be different advertising spots per spots can also be a multiple ad spots, the number of spots available records.

7 spots marquee: Support for regular spots subtitle day can be divided into four periods, each period may spots different subtitles. Every once spots spots can also be multiple subtitles, the number of spots available records.

8, USB encryption feature: You must enter the correct password before they can pass on the computer replacement program source and advertising, captions parameter setting adjustments.

9, the clock display function: You can set the time displayed on the TV screen.

10, with a reset function: the machine crashes or renewal of the program source native commands can be entered directly, so the machine back to normal.

11, with the premiere boot features: boot forced to play a file.

12, can function with voice announcer

13, support for Chinese, English language.
Optical path adjustment advertising laser engraving machine equipment

Some entry-level general advertising production processing shop will choose to profit margins relatively large plexiglass, crystal words primarily business, which is inseparable from a laser cutting machine. How to use advertising laser equipment was more correct? Become a lot of advertising production processing shop bosses issues. Then by advertising sale of network Xiaobian provide details below to adjust the optical path of the laser device advertising.

Optical path adjustment of laser equipment ad

1, the first reflecting mirror to ensure # 1 from the center of the incident light beam emitted from the laser tube.

2, in front of the mirror # 2 sided adhesive tape affixed to the cross member to the position closest to the laser tube, according to burst (control appropriate light intensity), marked with a marker (Special note: To prevent laser radiation wounding, please use a piece of cardboard to test out the approximate location of the spot, and then make adjustments).

3, gradually moved away from the laser beam tube farthest position, according to burst, marked with a marker.

4, if the two tags do not overlap, adjustment of mirror # 1 (the screw is screwed back frame), so that the two marks coincide with the center.

5, the second step to the fourth step is repeated until a complete coincidence of two markers center.

6, in front of a mirror affixed # 3 sided adhesive tape, the car (laser head) to the nearest mirror # 2 position, according to the burst (control appropriate light intensity), marked with a marker.

7, and gradually the laser head (car) moves from # 2 mirror farthest position, press the burst (best to use a piece of cardboard, first measure the approximate location of the spot, to prevent injuries), marked with a marker.

8, if two tags do not overlap, adjustment of mirror # 2, so that the two marks coincide with the center.

9, repeatedly sixth to eighth step further, until completely overlap two markers center.

10, in front of the mirror # 3 hole into the light double-sided adhesive paste, burst, be marked. Such as in the center, then qualified.

11, destop laser engraver cutter machine if the laser light does not fall into the hole in the center,

Second, the vertical adjustment
1, the optical path four o’clock tune coincidence, and the laser tuned 3 # mirror in the middle

2, # 3 by adjusting the three mirrors brass screws on the laser through the hole from the middle of the jet

3, if there is a slight deviation around, adjusting 3 # head seat left or right so that the optical path of the vertical wall advertising company advertising content is very rich

4, if after a slight deviation, generally because 3 # head seat itself lead to a deviation, re-adjust the optical path to replace the vertical degrees.

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