Can laser inscribing machine work on bottle?

Glass laser inscribing machine is the very common models of laser engraving machine.It deployed in high-end bottle carved, shelves glass doors and windows wood, personalized gifts glass secretion generally.

Glass cosmetic laser engraving machine is really a traditional mechanical glass engraving machine extracted a new engraving gym equipment, which combines the
ascendancy of traditional glass inscribing machine mechanical and then the advantages of high-tech laser solutions to satisfy customers’ one ,then it is able to full the traditional glass engraving machine can not be executed. Since the year 2000 it actually was created,the machine continues loved by our subscribers, and quickly distributed in the glass managing market,and became vast majority of industry’s right-hand man.

Glass laser treatment engraving machine is different from the traditional glass engraving machine, is a non-contact arctic effects carved. A benefit is that the laser straight away melt glass near melting the a glass display specific designs. With stable normal daily functioning, contact the window will not shatter, increased significantly yield. Melt hand carved effect is more strong and smooth , successful elegance no smart, no washing sprucing, simple process, workers’ working environment more suitable.

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