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This laser engraving machine tool commonly used in raster and inductosyn scored. And used in the semiconductor industry lithography machine is different, this machine is formed desktop laser engraving machine  by lithography on the precise length, a circular scribing apparatus lithography machine head (tool holder) after composition. Lithography head generally divided contact, proximity and projection-type categories.

In such a lithographic exposure lithography head head, in the case of exposure of the reticle and the blank in close conformity with the grating conducted. It has a high resolution, a large area can be the advantages of photolithography. The disadvantage is that mask wearing, can not be dynamic characterization. Installation reticle turret is usually “boat” type.

You are buying a Laser engraving home based business.

This small business currently sells laser engraved products including trophies, medical alert tags, dog tags, mag lites, key rings, pens etc, the list goes on what we currently have available for engraving.

portable home laser engraving machineAbout this laser machine model, we have two types: MT3050DI and MT3050DII
Both of these two models are the economic intelligent laser engraving machine, small size and easy to transport.
The only difference of them: MT3050DI with manual up down working table, but MT3050DII with electric ( motorized) up down working table.

In such a lithography projection lithography head head, is provided between the blank and the reticle grating projection lens, the exposure mask is produced by the raster image formed on the blanks. It has not damaged the reticle can be dynamic characterization, etc., but due to the impact of the optical properties of the projection lens, the resolution is not high, the lithography area is not easy to expand, another quasi-lens manufacturing difficulties.

Proximity lithography lithography head is the head of this newly developed, it can make up for shortcomings of the above two kinds of lithography head. It is the exposure of the grating between the reticle and the blank to produce a small gap when carried. It is necessary to design an illumination optical system into a plurality of point light sources illuminated to overcome the effects of street shot lithography. Lithography is the core component of the first copy of the objective lens, its design and manufacturing requirements are very high.

Specific installation steps laser engraving machine

After opening the package, the laser engraving machine flat on the table, home laser engraving machine turn on the power, observe whether the self-test is normal.
one end of the pipes on the pump (usually on the right side of the inlet water pipe) and the other end to put together a bucket and pump, power observed water circulation is normal.

Open “Laser switch” and “test switch” to regulate the output current, and you should be able to see the laser tube light. Note that the laser is not visible, do not put your hand insertion optical path, to prevent burns,off the main switch, connected to the computer parallel port laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine in order portable laser engraving machine prices to open the computer power supply, carved into the interface, the carving plane fixed on the focal plane of the focusing lens can be engraved trial.

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