Application of laser marking in low voltage electrical appliances industry

For now, the low voltage electric appliance marking work is mainly done through the ink pad printing technology, concrete including fuse, air switch, leakage protector, and other low-voltage electrical specifications and product name. But it is faced with a problem, that is in use process because these are more prone to friction parts, so the logo is in use process is difficult to identify, it caused a lot of unnecessary trouble for future use, so how to ensure the durability of the marking effect and not easy to wear? Believe that this time you can think of laser marking advantage in this respect.
Low-voltage electrical tags including specifications and product identification, etc., the content of the traditional ink pad printing technology in the process of production or shortcomings, mainly is easy to fall off, not enough ink plate with fine varieties in trouble, consumables costs higher, stronger in order to make the printing ink adhesion ability still need to add curing agent, requires that every 8 hours in a cartridge, even if did not give out the cartridge will be void and imported 80 grams of the cartridge RMB 400 a, three shifts per day moving printing machine, consumable as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan a year. Material cost is high, this to any one in terms of low voltage electrical appliances manufacturers are urgent need to solve the problem.
Laser marking machine to good finish on the workpiece by the effect of laser marking on the work, not like ink printing is to label attached on the surface, so as to ensure the durability of the marking effect, not because our finger touch and appear to disappear for a long time, this to our correct operation low voltage apparatus plays a very important role. And laser marking machine through the operation without consumables, marking the cost greatly reduced, the environmental pollution-free, fine marking effect, these than ink printing is an obvious improvement.
Through the analysis of the operating costs of manufacturing enterprises and the example analysis, the ink pad printing equipment operation cost is much higher than laser equipment. We made several domestic production enterprises in China the use of a small scale, in the process of using the user through comparing two kinds of production methods, fully recognize the advantages of laser and profits of the enterprise growth. And promote them to speed up the equipment replacement, this also is given to illustrate the application of laser in the low-voltage electrical industry is a developing trend in the future.

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