Application of laser cutting machine to plasma

How to control the laser plasma cutting machine performance to?
The plasma cloud has two function of laser processing. First of all, will reduce the transmittance of the laser, which is to reduce the intensity of the laser. That affect machining efficiency. Second, plasma associated with heat radiation, the radiation to the processed material has preheating effect, thus improve the absorptance of laser is processed materials. This effect is not obvious. Both interaction, finally shown to reduce the machining efficiency.
By Yu Guangzhi incident laser plasma in laser cutting machine has the effect of absorption, reflection and scattering, so it reduces the radiation to the artifacts of laser power, expanding the scope of the laser cutting machine laser light and heat, resulting in penetration becomes shallow, deep wide than decreases, and heat affected zone and adverse effects such as welding deformation increases. Laser welding, can adopt several methods to control the plasma, in order to minimize interference with it. Here is mainly to introduce the reasonable choice and the kinds of protective gas flow to control laser cutting machine to plasma.
And under the high speed, or low laser power, the plasma density is small, weak effect on absorption of laser in the laser cutting machine, the difference of different protective gas for penetration is small or no difference between the protective gas flow has a great influence on the inhibitory effect of plasma also. Protect the gas flow rate, the greater the inhibitory effect of plasma. But as a protective gas first to ensure the protection of molten pool has a good effect, the flow rate must be moderate. Cause due to excessive flow turbulence and even produce whirlpool, mixed with air, it does protect the molten pool, and may worsen the weld.

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