And a lot of wood CNC router machine to augment the market

wood CNC router machine water-cooled spindle circulation blockage treatment.With the widespread use of wood cnc router machine, the efficiency of its fast carving, exquisite carving, and soon won the favor of many customers, especially the old carpenter increasingly frail, young people do not want to engage in heavy boring carpentry carving, Wood carving is now facing the stage fault. The strong performance of wood CNC router machine, and gradually realize the mechanical equipment to replace hand-carved trend.

And a lot of wood CNC router machine to augment the market, due to the lack of professional operators, so customers often encountered in the course of a few minor problems I do not know how to solve.

Because wood CNC router machine processing characteristics, and now most of the engraving spindle wood CNC router machine are currently optional water-cooled spindle, while water-cooled spindle will need to use water cycle cooling treatment, and to ensure that the process of carving the water cycle can not be interrupted.

Many customers do not pay attention to the water cycle in the spindle, the spindle will likely cause poor circulation, or spindle circulation clogging. To avoid this problem, do the following to the customer as long.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works. Like wood furniture, wood door, wood cabinet, pvc board, acrylic sheets etc.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B equipment:

(1) 1300X2500mm work size, stepper motor

(2) 4.5KW water cooling spindle

(3) DSP hand controller( easy to learn and operate)

(4)Rack gear transmission, Z ball screw

(5) Taiwan imported square orbit, oiling systerm

(6) 6 zones vacuum table and T-slot

(7) Two bags dust collector and 5.5KW vacuum pump

(8) Ucancam V9 software

1, to ensure water quality and clean, can not have any impurities, to prevent clogging of the motor intake;

2, the pump power must not be too small, or because of the spindle and the gap between high and low water pump, and can not be very good for circulation;

3, note that often change or add pure water, so the water cycle time is too long, the water temperature is too high, resulting in the spindle scale water circulation wood carving cnc router machine pipe;

These three can be good to avoid clogging or engraving spindle circulation is not good solution. So, if router machine spindle blocked circulation should be how to deal with it?

1, turn off the pump, air compressor outlet connection of the trachea and the spindle, spindle with high-pressure air to clean the residue inside, blowing for a while, and then connect the water circulation pumps, air compressors and then repeat the previous steps, repeated several times in a row, general can be solved;

2, or blow through with an air gun, increase the pump power, water pipes were also bold processing;

3, water circulation of the best selection of bottled purified water, so you can ensure that no CNC router machine impurities or scale, if the choice of tap water, be sure to pay attention to regular replacement;

4, always pay attention to the water cycle of high and low temperature, high circulating cooling water temperature would not achieve the effect, affect the performance of the spindle motor.

Problem is, some of the above points wood cnc router machine spindle motor circulation often encountered in the face of these problems, the customer to arrange the above troubleshooting methods to exclude each treatment, you can better deal with the problem quicker off, let router machine engraving equipment faster recovery.

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