An analysis of the interpretation of nature out of the laser engraving machine and cutting machine

Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine has an essential difference between, literally view is basic, one kind is cut, and the other is a sculpture, so this is the difference between them, the same on the two devices, have adopted the latest laser technology, so the nature of their working principle is the same, is produced by laser laser by mirror again after tradition, by focusing mirror shine on to processing products, this is a simple process, so relative to the laser equipment, such processing principle of strong heat, make the product of the temperature of the surface deformation, rapid melting and gasification, can realize the function of engraving, through auxiliary gas cooling, make its surface temperature drop quickly.

Principle of a simple sculpture is completed, also the principle of cutting just above deepened, and the need to further work is controlled by, controlling or laser engraving machine cutting of computers to control, the computer has necklace with equipment, it can make the control of its processing and the shape of the equipment, processing results, so this is for laser equipment input command platform. The biggest difference, however, laser cutting machine cutting head and laser engraving machine head cannot be the same bidding spree, and this is why the cause of the laser cutting and engraving machine can’t each other!

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