Advantages of laser engraver by MORN

Laser engraving machine very fast, high precision, premium quality,small deformation, improving the search of the product wildly,then to reach a high quality brand.
What is the lasik engraving machine selling points and features?
1. laser engraving machine can completely on its own jump number, safety measures strong, and beautiful graphics, fine lines, wash-resistant, wear-resistant.

2. renewable energy, pollution, just isn’t contain any noxious substances, facilitate our own passage RoHS standards so that you facilitate production.
Third. saving material: unit processing using computer programming, you can put different shapes and sizes Nesting products to maximize substance utilization, greatly reducing the cost of materials.
Give some thought to. detailed and suitable: laser engraving on the material surface can be carried out most line area 0.015mm, laser cutting down kerf width is generally .1 ~ Nought.5mm, welding cold welding seam typically is smooth, no heat-affected sector.
5. small energy deformation: metal marking machines laser beam thin, brief, energy concentration, so that spread the heat to your material to be done is small, which cause deformation of the material is incredibly small.
6. work surface: laser engraving washer, welding surface without burrs, produced surface finish. Will certainly greatly shorten end users . cycle of new product.
Laser engraving equipment will not go beyond i would say the technical advantages to ended up being the focus of the future.

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