Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machines

A Guide To CNC Cutting Machines

CNC Cutting Machines, in simple words, refer to the Cutting Machines which are controlled using computer programs. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The Cutting Machine operator specifies the various parameters based on which the computer program controls the machine. Specifications may include details like – depth of the cut, coolant flow, the feed, speed, tool selection, tool paths, etc.
Development Of CNC Cutting Machines
The first prototype of the modern day CNC Machine was developed in the 1950s MIT is credited with the origin of term CNC. With the invention of the first CNC Machines, it became possible to cater to high production requirements these machines also ensured consistent output quality. Yet another advantage of using the CNC Cutting Machines was the uniformity in output achieved which was not usually possible with other cutting alternatives.
Working Principle Of The CNC Cutting Machines
In a CNC Cutting Machine, the motors are operated with the help of a computer program that accurately controls the motion in different directions. The motion may be directed along a linear or circular path, depending upon the type of CNC Cutting Machine.
Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machines
CNC Cutting Machines are apt for processes where the repeatability is high but yet requires a high level of precision. A perfect example of such a use of CNC Cutting Machines would be for fabricating Air Engine Parts.
Another area where the CNC Cutting Machines are extensively utilized is when the production volume is high. At the same time, the process requires fabrication of complex surfaces where there is no scope for design flaws. CNC Cutting Machines prove to be perfect for such jobs.
CNC Cutting Machines generate less of scrap with precise machining, thus ensuring optimum utilization of the materials that need to be cut. Also the fabrication quality is better when CNC Cutting Machines are used.
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