Adding Wood Burning Units to Your Home

Adding Wood Burning Units to Your HomeAdrianna NotonSaving money on your winter energy bills is every homeowners goal. Energy bills can rise significantly when the outdoor temperature drops. There are ways to save money on your energy bills by following a few tips. Adding wood burning units to your home can help reduce energy costs. Wood burning units are cost-effective and they add a pleasing visual effect to the room. It is important that wood burning units are installed and vented properly to prevent possible carbon monoxide poisoning. New technology has improved the way wood stoves, fireplaces and other heating units heat your home using less energy.
Types Of Wood Burning Units
There are a wide variety of wood burning units available that you can use to supplement your central heating system. You will find fireplaces that don’t require outdoor ventilation, wood burning stoves and space heaters. Wood burning stoves produce a lot of heat and are easy to start. Some units have electronic switches that make starting a fire much easier. Pellet stoves are gaining in popularity because they are affordable and are easy to start. Most pellet stove models can easily heat an entire room. Fireplace inserts and retrofits are another way to add more heat in your home.
Wood And Pellet Stoves
These stoves are similar in appearance except wood stoves are made for using stick wood, and pellet stoves are made especially for wood pellets. The main difference between the two is the fact that a pellet stove must have electricity in order to work. Fireplaces and wood stoves do not require electricity to burn wood. Newer wood and pellet stoves are much more energy-efficient than using a standard older fireplace. Weigh the cost of stick wood compared to the cost of pellets which often are made from wood shavings or sawdust.
How To Choose The Right Unit
Choosing the right wood burning unit for your home will depend on the square footage of the rooms that you want to heat. If you just want to heat your living room, then purchase a wood burning unit that can efficiently heat the entire room. You can close off the other rooms when not in use. This can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. If you have an existing fireplace consider purchasing an insert that will make it more efficient. Fireplace inserts will also reduce the amount of smoke that goes into your home.
Consider which heating unit is the most cost-effective choice for your area. Stick wood and pellet prices vary according to the region where you live. An advantage to owning a wood burning unit is the fact that you will still have heat if you experience a power outage due to a winter storm. Pellet stoves must have electricity, but they can easily be connected to a power generator if needed. Newer wood burning units are energy-efficient and easy to use.

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