acrylic laser engraving machine

Acrylic laser engraving is our new machine design, it is much cheaper than the common laser machines. It is very practical.

There is no electric up down table with this machine , but it was equipped with both honey comb work table and aluminum knife work table. So it suitable for both hard and soft non metal materials. As we are developing its market recently, this laser machine is on sale.

Main features of this acrylic laser engraving machine:

1. Working area: 1300*900mm

2. Laser power: ordinary 80W/100W (optional)

3. Circle guide rail

4. Water cooling system: water chiller CW3000

5. Red dot position

6. Aluminum knife worktable and honey comb work table

7. LASER WORK software

8. USB port (support offline works)

9. With air pump and exhaust fan.

Next to wood, acrylic is the most popular material to co2 laser engraving machine using a laser system. It engraves and cuts very easily, comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be relatively inexpensive. Acrylic comes in two forms, cast and extruded.

Cast acrylic is used for almost all engraving purposes. This is because the frost produced provides a nice white contrast against the clear material.

Extruded acrylic remains clear when engraved but does not produce an adequate contrast. However, extruded acrylic is ideal if you are going to vector cut only. Extruded acrylic is less expensive than cast and also has a lower melting point. The lower melting point produces an edge that looks flame finished when cut.

Recently plexiglass products squeezed together as if to lay a greeting horizon. A plexiglass aquarium visual sense of luxury both photos, let wood laser engraving machine products boarded the “Tyrant” essential equipment list; certain well-known brands of bags jewelry is using plexiglass to create a “violent cool” people can not help but admire the charm of plexiglass.

Plexiglass products have a transparent and elegant appearance, firm reminder not inherent, internal and external integration of such quality, coupled with mimicking glass, but wear and shatterproof than glass, it is a work of art like existence. But think Tyrant essential equipment but not so appropriate.

In our lives, light boxes, cell phone screen, transparent display cabinets, licensing legislation and other objects are co2 laser engraver products. Produced by plexiglass material according to its good features crafts or consumer goods, high transparency, low price, easy machining, etc., so the plexiglass products are widely used, our lives everywhere.


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