According to the four point cnc cutting machine working efficiency of CNC improvement

According to the four point cutting cnc cutting machine machine working efficiency of NC Improvement
The main difference of CNC cutting machine and a cutting and cutting is characterized by high cutting speed, high precision cutting. But many users to buy enough of CNC cutting machine, it generated the machining efficiency was improved much, what reason. In the final analysis, related knowledge mainly for customers of CNC cutting machine is not understand, also not handy to use it. In response to these conditions, we have a better way to deal with? We mainly from the following four points emphatically solved:

1 CNC automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database.
Cutting workers can only with experience and eyes to see, after manual CNC cutting machine, cannot do automatic perforation and automatic cutting, the cutting efficiency is low consumption.

2 using the cutting method is not suitable for.
In the cut set, cutting methods are too simple, the individual parts are perforated, and must complete cutting, without the use of common side by side, bridging, efficient way to cut, lead to low cutting efficiency, and the cutting nozzle supplies (especially plasma cutting nozzle) waste.

3 not use software to data application rate is low.
Do not use nesting software, but in the CNC system call parts or read parts manual programming, stop cutting, so that not only waste time, but also more waste materials. So the device software, time saving, and material saving CNC cutting machine

4 CNC system instability incurred by cutting slow.
Because of the numerical control system of CPU and hard drive heat, cause system instability, not full time work; or fan wear, hard disk vibration or damage of cnc cutting machines virus infection, cause consumption stagnation, there may be cutting control software of CNC system has defects, failure or cutting error, also can delay cutting consumption, problems affecting the cutting quality etc.

Good attention to the above points, the numerical control cutting machine using efficiency and material saving will be greatly improved!

CNC cutting machine for all work is essential, but it also need your care also need regular beauty. CNC cutting machine maintenance and divided into grade one maintenance and maintenance of two, according to it for your “contribution” to do maintenance.

First of all, 600 hours of operation in the machine, to do the maintenance level of she, manual operation is OK.

In 1, after the power supply is cut off, with a semi dry dishcloth equipment appearance, to ensure that equipment is clean and free of grease. Wipe when the note there is no screw cap so as to make up the defect of the.
2, check and clean gas, replacing the retiring trachea. And in time for tempering filter, ensuring smooth gas road.
3, adjust the tightness of the torch, the normal operation of the tightness, and check and adjust the tightness and wear strip.
4, in the cleaning torch bearing, screw, four cylinder and grease, cleaning up the normal operation of transmission oil filling to ensure that the machine.
5, use compressed air to clear the dust electrical box, check fastening grounding device and limit protection device.

Secondly, the two level maintenance is performed for 5000 hours in the machine, to repair workers in addition to do the maintenance level should also be:

1, to restore the old guard chain accessories and mend off paint
2, check the adjustment of the instrument, the valve repair to return the damaged parts
3, check the components of the transmission mechanism, the torch bearing wear, such as the need to change timely treatment.
4, the machine running for a long time will also affect the accuracy of correction, to parallel guide, adjust track equipment symmetry and check the precision stepper motor
Finally, to remind everyone to be timely maintenance work on the cutting, ensure the normal operation of the machine, the machine only to do maintenance work, prolong the service life, saving the cost of production.

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