A powerful tool for a variety of wood cnc router machine

The use of high-quality wood cnc router machine, it should pay attention to what matters:

A high-quality wood cnc router machine, we must first consider its stepper motor wood carving cnc router machine amperage, the adequacy of the power transformer, the perfect machine appearance. Selection mainline. Below to tell us about the performance characteristics:

First, the use of genuine Weihong or handle, compatible TYPE3 \ ARTCAM \ CASTMATE, Wentai and other CAD \ CAM design software. Can guarantee the stability of the use of the machine.

Second, the use of stocky lower body, high-precision grinding helical rack, select the import side rail slider. You can drive to ensure the machine is stable.

Third, pay attention to the drive, with power motors and transformers. Ensure that the machine can be a good place.

Fourth, the use of constant power spindle motor, can guarantee perfect intensity.

Five, vacuuming configuration, can reduce the damage to the machine into degrees.

About engraving machine market and application analysis
In carpentry, processing and decoration industry, modern production tools play an increasingly important role in the industry.

Woodworking industry trend, followed by wood carving wood engraving machine production industry trend, has been widely used in model making, advertising and gift making, furniture, packaging, wood and other industries life. High-precision engraving machine processing applications such as cutting, scribing, drilling, and other relief are the use of high-intensity pulses every step of the material system carving.

Advertising industry: acrylic, color plates, PVC, ABS plate, aluminum plate engraving and cutting, all kinds of signs, badges, seat plate, copper, font, font, all kinds of logos, trademarks and other materials.

Craft industry: artificial stone crafts, Making all kinds of text, graphics on souvenirs.

Mold: architectural models, mock-ups, bronzing mold, high frequency mold, micro-injection molding, shoe mold, badges, embossing dies, biscuits, chocolate, candy molds.

Furniture industry: seat sculpture, carved CNC router machine wooden doors, carved the home improvement industry.

Life wood carving: coffin relief carving, line engraving.
Humanized operation design is the development direction of wood cnc router machine

A powerful tool for a variety of wood cnc router machine, wood cnc router machine as a high-end cabinet door industry production has been increasingly recognized by the business owner.

First, instead of doing so as a modern mechanized equipment, handmade high efficiency, and low reported rates. Most wood engraving machine adopts gantry structure, can be adjusted to meet the maximum limit of the feed. Heavy steel bed, ensure the overall stability of the machine. Circular guide rail or square rail, stable support surface.

Rack drive, smooth transmission, to ensure long high speed run no distortion, no jitter. So wood CNC router machine elaborately carved wooden doors when you can to ensure the accuracy and beauty carved, thus greatly improving efficiency in the production of wooden doors.

wood cnc router machine manufacturing technology has matured.
Wood engraving machine is simple to operate, design more humane, more handy during use, which is a necessary requirement engraving machine innovation and development. Thus, the use of wood engraving machine production out of wooden doors, carved picture is more refined, and to ensure a high rate of batch processing products.

Humanized operation design is the development direction of wood engraving machine, the design is more perfect, more simple and humane.

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