A linear guide at the metal laser cutting machine

What is a linear guide at the metal laser cutting machine ?  Many people are concerned about, on the problem then what a linear guide at the metal laser cutting machine and what is the purpose? It in metal laser cutting machine production and processing work and what kind of role plays? We look together.
For metal laser cutting machine , its linear guide is a kind of used for straight line reciprocating movement of the tool, this tool has a linear bearing before that the higher the rated load, at the same time can also assume a certain amount of torque, can also in the case of high load also achieve high precision linear motion. And linear guide is an integral part of laser cutting machine.
Linear guide above the laser cutting machine, straight axis as one of the core component of laser cutting machine, its function is to guidance and support. We in order to ensure that the machine has high machining accuracy, the guide rail, the straight line has a higher precision and good stability of the movement. Laser cutting machine guide rail cleaning the best one and a half months, must be in the shutdown of the state of operation, the clean should be ready in advance before dry cotton cloth, lubricating oil.


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