A laser engraving machine price is not cheap

Precautions when operating the laser engraving machine.Laser engraving machine is a high-tech equipment, is also very popular in the market a device.

A laser engraving machine price is not cheap, so companies use the process should pay attention to good use items below.

1, the use of automatic focus, co2 laser engraving machine automatic measurement focus attention rods must be tightened, otherwise the work surface to the top of the laser.

2, laser engraving machine at work, forbidden to open the lid.
3, the laser engraving machine in operation is necessary to open the smoke, blowing smoke devices.

4, processed wood, paper, must pay attention to processing speed in order to avoid fire.

5, for early adopters and irregular workpiece, the first for red light positioning.

7. When cutting, if the workpiece holder with 2 cm away from the table above.

8. When cleaning, and cleaning the lens focal length lens reflex laser engraving machine: two fingers to pinch the other hand hold the lens reflex camera lens cleaning paper to clean the lens.

9, the amount is usually carved file, the metal laser cutting machine resolution should be higher, carving point Chen file, the resolution should choose a little low.

Laser engraving machine laser head deviation reason
Laser engraving machine during operation, the laser head will appear deviation phenomenon, then, in the end is what causes the laser engraving machine laser head deviation? Here we look together.

Co2 laser engraving machine MT-L960 can be used on most of non-metal materials such as acrylic, double color board, Plexiglas,Common glass, bamboo and wood, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather cloth car mat,clothes, acrylic, textile, wool,plastic,MDF, ABS, plastic, clothing, denim fabric, jeans, bra, underwear, bags,shoes, bathing suit, bath towel, pillow cover, arts and crafts, and all other nonmetal materials.

This laser engraver can be used on advertising construction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile industry, packaging and paper, leather industry, art craft, art ware, souvenir etc.

First: we must first look at the materials being put there: If 60CM paper put skew 06MM, take the paper will be about 5 meters deviation of 5 meters.

Second: When the table is dirty or sticky residue, so unbalanced by the paper movement on both sides of the resistance, leading to gradually produce deflection caused about deviation;

Third: the pressure roller wear variant, or pressure roller mismatch will cause deviation around, about the pressure roller should be slightly tapered, the bulk of outward pressure roller pressure is too small, vulnerable to external forces generated paper skew.

Fourth: sticky notes around the weight range (such as long and short in front of the carved figure more complex, will result gradually backward deviation, then the best termination period of the previous paper).

Fourth: step motor lost cause deviation.

Laser engraving machine is weak or non-laser light output causes and solutions.

Improve the efficiency of engraving laser engraving function, so that was carved at the smooth surface, round, quickly reduce the temperature of non-metallic materials are carved, deformation and stress reduction are carved objects; can be widely used for a variety of non-metallic materials in the field of fine carving. sometimes our laser engraving machine is weak or non-laser light output, which is what causes it? Here we look at it.

1. focusing mirror laser engraving machine is pollution: Clean focusing mirror.

2, relief engraving machine equipment focusing Focus co2 laser cutting machine whether changes: re-adjust the focus.

3, the optical path of the laser engraving machine is offset: careful adjustment of the optical path .

4, laser engraving machine lens reflex whether contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace Laser engraver for sale  the reflective lenses.

5, the laser power is energized: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.

6, the laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube.
7, the laser power is damaged: Replace the laser power.

8, tombstone engraving machine machine temperature is too high:
1> shutdown let cool down;

2> Wind strengthen cooling machine;

3> the entire ambient temperature

9. Are circulate cooling water: clear cooling water.
10, the cooling water quality or temperature is normal: Replace the cleaning of cooling water to the temperature to normal.

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