3D wood cnc router can be used for produce all kinds of shadow carving and relief

CNC wood cnc router machine is a mechanical unit controlled by the CNC system, the system itself only know that the orientation with respect to the former position, which needs to pick a reference point, so that each position on the machine engraving machine has a fixed coordinate, as any point on the planet has the same latitude and longitude he also has a reference point on the same machinery that is the reference point for the mechanical origin.

Under good conditions, the boot process does not return before the mechanical origin, will not affect the accuracy of the mechanical operation.

If in the process of attack power, stop, and other conditions beyond the scope of bump, then restart the machine will continue working deviation, it is hard to find just the process orientation. Engraving CNC router machine machine boot back to mechanical origin, which is to determine the coordinates of the workpiece relative to the orientation of the mechanical coordinates.

Such episodes in the process of a power outage or emergency stop situation, by de novo origin will recover back to a mechanical workpiece coordinate system, which would ensure the continued processing accuracy.

Workpiece origin that is the origin of the workpiece coordinates is programmed to determine the origin of the workpiece dimension is usually the starting point of the workpiece.

Workpiece datum by the programmer to choose. When the selection of “Back to the workpiece origin” option, then the orientation wood CNC router machine of the tip will take the initiative back from the workpiece datum.

In order to return to the origin of the workpiece during the tip can safely pass through space, but not due to hit the workpiece fixture impede the onset of trouble, so the way back to zero following optimization:

The wood carving cnc machine is widely used in various industries, such as:

* Woodindustry: wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, woodcabinet, screen, computer desk and other panel furniture etc

*Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic cutting and some other materials.

* Craft gift industry: 3D wood cnc router can be used for produce all kinds of shadow carving and relief.

If the end of wood carving cnc router machine the Z direction is greater than the starting point coordinate Z coordinate direction, the Z-axis alone before the end of the feed to the Z axis orientation, then, X, Y axis, arrived intent points.

If the end of the Z-direction coordinate is less than the starting Z coordinate direction, the X, Y-axis first linkage intent arrival point X, Y coordinates, then, z-axis feed alone to the end of the z-axis coordinate.

Since the Z coordinate of machining the outer end of the workpiece often in order to prevent the tip back to the appearance of the workpiece after the workpiece or tool zero scratches, in fact, Z-axis is not returned to zero, and an offset value of zero at the top. This value is set by the “system parameter window” of processing parameters in the “retract point.”

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