3 d optical fiber laser cutting machine technology and application

Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine is a special optical fiber laser cutting head, high precision capacitive tracking system, optical fiber laser and the industrial robot system was carried out on the different thickness of the sheet metal multi-angle, multi-dimensional flexible cutting of advanced laser cutting equipment.
3 d laser cutting is the use of industrial robot flexible and fast movement performance, according to user’s cutting machining size of different size, can choose to robot suit or flip for different products and different path of teaching programming or offline programming, robot’s sixth axial loading of optical fiber laser cutting head to 3 d irregular workpiece cutting; Optical fiber laser cutting head is equipped with servo device and light transmitting device, using optical fiber to transmit laser to cut head, reuse focus, focus on system for different thickness of the plank developed more than focusing system of a variety of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting of multi-faceted, meet the needs of customers.
3 d optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts auxiliary gas is 99.99% oxygen, so the cutting precision, speed and cutting section effect has a lot of help.
3 d optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting the influential factors on the quality of our products generally have the following:
①The size of laser power
②The size of the auxiliary air pressure and purity
③The size of the cutting head of focal length
④The thickness of machining
⑤Robot teaching course or offline programming analog positioning precision
⑥The path of the robot repetitive accuracy, positioning accuracy and speed
3 d optical fiber laser cutting machine to replace the traditional processing way, reduces the investment, shorten the carmakers and component cell development cycle, improve the machining efficiency and cutting precision of the workpiece, reduce the production cost.

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