3 d laser cutting applications car covering parts processing

Is the automotive industry in the 20th century, from start-up to brilliant century by the small batch production has entered the phase of mass production. Zl century, automobile industry will step one can according to user requirements for flexible manufacturing lean production stage, the traditional processing technology will not be able to meet the requirements of the new mode of production, automobile industry of the flexible modular production mode, for laser processing provides a broad stage.
Automobile is made up of a variety of materials, a large number of parts of modern advanced industrial products. Auto industry represents a country’s overall industrial level, auto manufacturing is the pillar industry in the country. A lot of materials and parts in automobile production manufacturing is fit for using a laser cutting machine for processing. Laser technology in foreign countries has been widely used in automobile industry, such as engine gear cutting and welding welding, prototype body. But in China the largest number of applications, on the laser heat treatment.
Trial for a new car in car production, for small batch and still need to constantly improve, covering parts holes tend to be the workers by hand with plasma cutting trimming and cutting hole, then use grinding wheel grinding, a covering parts is less a few weeks, many months to complete, and the worker labor intensity big, cycle is long, hard to ensure product quality.
Foreign automotive covering parts 3 d laser cutting mainly adopts complete teaching way, teaching programming needs programmers manipulate teaching board point record three-dimensional trajectory information, the programming speed is slow. Use offline automatic programming is the development trend of laser machining programming, due to the complex automatic programming system, high cost, and only a handful of big foreign car factory。


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