11 Tips For Buying A Laser Engraving Machine


11 Tips For Buying A Laser Engraving Machine

If you are on the way to search for a perfect laser engraver or cutter, then you will desire to read these problem and money saving tips at first.

Having experienced ups and downs on both importing from abroad and domestic purchasing, I reaped a lot of lessons from the real world of laser engraving machine purchasing. Those that seem straightforward and easy may be astonishing to a great extent.

Without any intention of beating up any suppliers but, if you pay attention to these proposals I provided here, you will of course save energy and money on your way of buying a laser engraver or cutter.


Top 11 tips for buying a laser engraving machine:

  1. Check out the laser companies firstly and then their machines. Cooperate with those suppliers who have more than one year’s experience in laser field.
  2. Generally laser engraving machines priced less than $3,000 mean you will invest more money in them later.
  3. Call the suppliers and talk with their technical support staff before placing an order.
  4. Ask the suppliers in what way they know how much wattage is in their laser tubes.
  5. Inquire the suppliers about a competitor. If they are superior to the competitor – just move on.
  6. Be careful of online shopping fraud if you would like to buy a laser engraving machine on eBay or some other platforms.
  7. Do not be led around by the nose when sales person introduces the machine to you.
  8. Pay special attention to every item written in sales contract. Especially whether the parameters or accessories conform with what should be.
  9. Do not buy a laser engraving machine platform that is less than a 12″ x 12″ working area.
  10. Do not buy from a supplier without the third party’s certification.
  11. Personally visit the production workshops of suppliers if you would like to buy dozens of laser engraving machines or more.


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